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Android – The New Age Smartphone OS

Android is the biggest mobile Operating System. Learning how to code for Android, ensures you as a future ready candidate. Mobile Centric applications and projects are the future. The future is here at Maxaim. Come join today!!

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with maxaim, be sure to know What’s Next

We are the best among many who train people in Microsoft’s Products to make them perfect in Windows programming. With hands on technology experts and years long experiences we could prepare eminent software engineers to fit the expectations of the industry today.

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all cutting edge technologies only for you

Here is a huge collection of the cutting edge technologies we offer for you to learn and develop all new fabulous applications out of it. The knowledge and techniques we could provide to you be more enough to make you perform well in your aimed positions in the computing arena.

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think java you can’t forget maxaim

We are fully loaded with java technology. With prolonged existence and experience in Sun Java and now in Oracle base, we are the unavoidable solution provider in the Software Developing arena based on Java Technology. Java SE based applications, EE and ME based application development and training is the major part of our business and we could do well in developing standardised applications and business software as...

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PHP – The Most Used Web Development Language

PHP has become one of the most useful web programming platforms, as well as Linux and MySQL. The only costs associated with working with these technologies are the cost of hiring PHP Web developers. Wordpress, Joomla, ExtJS, are also other derivatives.

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Current Technologies & Trends

In this ever-changing world of software development it’s extremely important to keep up with current technologies, methodologies and trends. Be smart in selecting a new language to learn and improve your innovative soft skills. With maxaim and its advanced training environments, you can be in the stream of up to dated technology.

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