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Visual Studio:

Visual Basic for DOS and Visual Basic for Windows were introduced way back in 1991. Visual Basic 3 was a huge improvement over the previous versions and was released in 1993. Visual Basic 4 released in late 1995, it added support for developing 32 bit applications. Visual Basic 5 was released in late 1996. New environment, supported creation of ActiveX controls, removed 16 bit application support. Visual Studio 2012 is the latest stable released
version. Visual Studio is the most productive tool for rapidly creating a wide range of application viz Windows, Web, Mobile based on the .NET Framework. The Microsoft .NET Framework is a platform that provides tools and technologies you need to build, Networked Applications as well as Distributed Web Services and Web Applications.

Some identified new features of Visual Studio .NET:

  • Faster compiler
  • New ActiveX data control object
  • Allows database integration with wide variety of applications
  • New data report designer
  • New Package & Deployment Wizard
  • Additional internet capabilities
  • Proven technologies and industry-leading tools
  • Networked Applications
  • Distributed Web Services
  • Web Applications


Your desktop apps can reach to over a billion Windows users worldwide with Windows and Windows Server.
Use the industry’s best IDE and SDK – Microsoft Visual Studio 2012—to create your next great app for the Windows desktop or the Windows Store.You can certify your desktop apps and list in the Windows Store or you can distribute them directly to your customers.Build tomorrow’s business applications today !!

.NET supports to build, integrate and extend existing business applications and established application patterns while getting you prepared and ready for technology shift towards new experiences particularly newer devices and services. Get ready to multi-device applications powered by the cloud (emerging application patterns) with .NET development and modern approaches.

Components of Visual Studio .NET

  • Visual Basic .NET Programming
  • Visual C# .NET Programming
  • ASP .NET Web Application (Source Code Languages)
    • VB CODE
    • C# CODE
  • Microsoft SQL Server


Technologies We Train:

  • AJAX Applications
  • Console Application development
  • Windows Application development
  • Windows Presentation Foundation development
  • Windows Communication Foundation development
  • MVC web application development
  • ASP .NET
  • ADO .NET
  • C# .NET
  • VB .NET
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Silverlight
  • XAML

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database, it is a software product whose primary function is to store and retrieve data as requested by other software applications, be it those on the same computer or those running on another computer across a network (including the Internet). There are at least a dozen different editions of Microsoft SQL Server aimed at different audiences and for different workloads . Its primary query languages are T-SQL and ANSI SQL.

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